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Our Values

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Our Values


We are committed to reducing the impact fabric production and product manufacture has on the environment. Our designs are created in Buckinghamshire, manufactured in Kent and distributed from Essex, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. We produce high quality, long-lasting products in small amounts, to eliminate waste. Any surplus products are distributed to charities.


Wherever possible, we use natural fibres in our products – including wool, cotton, linen and viscose. Our pure wools are manufactured in the UK in traditional vertical mills, organic cottons and velvets are also produced here in the UK. We strive to continually increase the amounts of natural, sustainable and organic fabrics used in our range and to reduce the amount of energy and water used during fabric production.


It’s really important to us that our customers can see what kind of brand we are, the values we hold close and our aspirations. We value feedback and share what our customers think of us and our products. Reviews are published in full and our Happy Hound gallery is populated with real customer photos. We reply to every email we receive and are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and service. We hope you don’t mind that we think of our customers as part of The Lounging Hound family….

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