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Our Charity

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Our Charity: The Greyhound Trust

The Greyhound Trust is the Official Charity of The Lounging Hound.

What is the Greyhound Trust….

The Greyhound Trust is a national charity set up in 1975 to find new homes for retired racing greyhounds.  Today, the GT homes and supports over 4,500 retired racing greyhounds each year through 60 branches nationwide and assisted by around 1,000 dedicated volunteers.

Katie & Swift – Our Lounging Hounds……

Our very own greyhounds, Katie and Swift were adopted through the Greyhound Trust and were the inspiration for The Lounging Hound.  Greyhounds have style and sophistication in spades and really are the perfect lounging hounds as they love nothing more than to relax in complete comfort, occasionally raising an eyebrow or ear!

Greyhounds as Pets…..

Greyhounds make wonderful pets and are suitable for all kinds of families.  Whether you work, have children or other pets, the Greyhound Trust will work hard to find your perfect greyhound match!

Birthday Celebrations….

The Greyhound Trust recently celebrated their 10th Annual Great Greyhound Gathering in Warwickshire.  The event attracted over 1000 people, most of whom had brought their own greyhounds (and a few cakes!)

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