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Happy Hounds

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Happy Hounds

We love nothing more than to see your happy hounds’ enjoying our products. For your four-legged friend to be part of our exclusive club of canine customers, simply send your image to ‘[email protected]’ (remember to ask permission from your hound!)

Just look at that face! Henry is a Happy Hound for sure!

Jess taking pride of place on her Moss Green Velvet Sofa Topper…

We love to see a lounging hound snuggled right in to their Sofa Topper!

Albus and Isla are looking very comfy indeed on their new Sofa Topper…

Sharing is caring for Sam and Henry on their Ochre Luxe Velvet Travel Roll(s)!

Pepi and Cas making sure there’s no room for the humans on their Sofa Topper…

“I’m not budging” says Ruby the Boxer from Instagram’s @ruby_n_gizmo. Too right!

Grace and Elsie soaking up the sun on their Garden Rolls. Find these beautiful girls on Instagram @stan_arthur_grace_elsie

Our Wool Multispot Beds are not just for hounds! Find gorgeous Jerry on Instagram @margo_andjerry

Eddie the Labrador enjoying a snooze – and look at that beautiful shiny coat!

George in full-on lounging mode on his Grass Velvet Sofa Topper…

The Silvergarth crew have definitely hit their Squad Goals on their new Sofa Topper!

Just look at Finley, the Ruby Cavalier, sitting pretty on his Sofa Topper – gorgeous!

French Bulldogs Charles and Senna gave us a fab review of their Bed Roll

Florence is all snuggled up on her Linen Luxe Velvet Sofa Topper…

Some excellent lounging skills from Poppy on her Velvet Bed Roll…

A snoozing Jasper on his Indigo Plush Velvet Sofa Topper…

Tia having fun on her Luxe Velvet Sofa Topper in Linen…

…closely watched by her beautiful fur-sister Belle!

Gorgeous pups Bella and Betsy on their Charcoal Bed Roll…

Skye is looking relaxed on her Velvet Animalia Pillow Bed – and do we spy a matching Scatter Cushion in the background..?

Winston the Black Labrador is very pleased with his new Velvet Sofa Topper in Grass. He sets off the colour perfectly!

Rescue dogs Esme and Simba are the epitome of lounging hounds! Let’s just hope the humans don’t want to sit down…

Moxie has brought her Moss Green Velvet Bench Topper in from the garden – and why not indeed?!

This stylish pup is Ruby from Instagram’s @feather_and_faff_interiors, looking gorgeous on her Luxe Velvet Sofa Topper – another of the beauties in our Be Inspired Homes & Gardens Special.

Love the way Radley is peeping out from behind the flowerbed on his Bench Topper! Check him out on Instagram at @grove_cottage_ and in our Be Inspired Homes & Gardens Special.

Beautiful Bailey from Instagram’s @ivy_cottage_country_living_ lounging on his Silver Velvet Bed Roll. See more of him in our Be Inspired Homes & Gardens Special!

Cockapoo Martha, modelling her Velvet Garden Roll, is also in our Be Inspired Homes & Gardens Special. Find her on Instagram at @marthascountrypad.

Here’s Beanie, the newest addition to The Lounging Hound team, looking rather pleased with her Velvet Bed Roll.

Reggie the Iggy showing us some excellent lounging skills…

…As is Reggie’s fur-sister Kitty – looking very relaxed…!

What a little sweetie! Margo certainly looks comfortable on her Sofa Topper.

Fabulous feline Phil is looking extremely chilled out on his Sofa Topper – that is one cool cat (sorry…)

This is @thelondonmummy’s handsome hound Jofra, looking gorgeous on his Bed Roll.

Douglas the Cocker Spaniel having an awesome doze next to his Velvet Scatter Cushion – is he dreaming of chameleons…?

The lovely Maisie has her very own spot under the stairs, and a fabulous Mattress Bed in Kingfisher Velvet to lounge on!

Standing room only for the humans when Pickle is settled down on her bespoke Velvet Sofa Topper.

Could the delectable Olive be any more snuggly on her Grey Wool Sofa Topper?

Lovely Lola getting comfortable on her bespoke Velvet Sofa Topper in Dove.

Our boy Stanley, soaking up the sun on his Mole Travel Roll.

Maggie is displaying some excellent lounging skills on her Ecru Wool Sofa Topper.

The inspiration for The Lounging Hound, our rescue greyhounds Katie on her Daffodil Sofa Topper…and…

…Swift on her luxurious Faux Fur Throw. Living life in comfort and style!

Lola is looking extremely cosy, all curled up on her Grey Wool Sofa Topper.

Edie the Whippet looking very regal on her Velvet Sofa Topper. And what a lovely view from the window!

Blue the Beddywhippet is such a lucky boy – a lovely new Peony Velvet Sofa Topper…and…

…a Moss Green Velvet Bench Topper for sunning himself in the garden!

Our dog nephew Fudge the Poochon is very happy with his Travel Roll – just look at the tail wag!

How many golden retriever puppies can you fit on one Sofa Topper? Just the 10!

Monty the cockapoo looks right at home in this beautifully-styled lounge.

Doesn’t Poppy the red setter look proud of her Earth Wool Sofa Topper?

Well hello, Honey! Looking good on your Teal Velvet Sofa Topper!

Looks as though Rosalyn’s hound has plenty of experience in the lounging department…

A perfect fit… Stanley on his bespoke Boot Topper!

This Turmeric Velvet Sofa Topper was an instant hit with Daisy 🙂

This Bench Topper was meant to be for the humans but Dezzi has other ideas!

This is Millie, making it very clear she isn’t sure about sharing her beautiful new Travel Roll…!

Lola and Inca look lovely and comfortable on their vibrant Waterproof Wool Throw – this colour is Flamingo.

Freya and Dandy have definitely got the hang of their Sofa Topper… Not so sure about Rosie…!

Augustus enjoying the extra warmth on the floor, before his Peony Bench Topper actually made it to the bench!

The lovely Maddie looks super comfy on her Turmeric Sofa Topper

Charley the poochon is a very pampered pooch – his lovely Mummy has treated him to a Peony Sofa Topper, a Velvet Pillow Bed and a Pure Wool Throw! Plenty of opportunities to get all snuggly

Some serious lounging going on here, with Gaia the podenco on a Turmeric Sofa Topper

Bella and Lola look as though they’re raring to go! Wonder how long they stayed on their Plum Velvet Travel Roll?

The gorgeous Therapy Dog ‘Scout’ lounging on a Teal Velvet Travel Roll which he won at The Game Fair in 2018.  We are delighted it went to such a deserving home!

‘Kona’ the Frenchie taking ownership of a Grey Velvet Sofa Topper…

‘Buster’ the black and white Greyhound looking very warm and cosy on a Seaspray Velvet Sofa Topper!

French Bulldog ‘Rocky’ ready for his close up on a Slate Velvet Sofa Topper…

‘Tess’ the Pomeranian sitting pretty on her Magenta Cotton Striped Bed…..

A very white ‘Stanley’ on a very dark Velvet Memory Foam Mattress…..

Angela’s gorgeous image of her hound could be straight from our very own website!

‘Rocky’ enjoying his new Camel Wool Topper and Grass and Tangerine Cushions…

The handsome ‘Dexter’ relaxing on a bespoke L-shaped Topper in Grey Wool.

‘Smokey’ the cat looking purrrfectly pretty on a Plum Plush Velvet Topper!

‘Barney’, ‘Beazley’ and ‘Petey’ looking adorable on their Bespoke Crushed Velvet Topper.

‘Duke’ looking elegant (and very white!) on his Teal Plush Velvet Sofa Topper.

Turmeric Plush Velvet Topper ‘Reserved for the Dog!’ of course…..

What better way to relax than on an Airforce Blue Plush Velvet Sofa Topper!

‘Mabel’ the Frenchie performing a celebratory roll on her Grey Wool Topper!

The Lounging Hound’s very own ‘Stanley’ on a gorgeous Blush Velvet Sofa Topper!

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