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About Us

Welcome to The Lounging Hound

We’re a brand dedicated to creating products for the way we love, care for and enjoy our pets today. We know the most important thing to you is the well-being of your four-legged friends, so our products are first and foremost comfortable, durable and practical. We also know that you want your home to look beautiful, so we design products to not only feel great but to look gorgeous too! Finally, we are all concerned about the world we live in, so our products are made from responsibly sourced, sustainable, natural fabrics that work in harmony with our planet. It goes without saying that everything we produce is manufactured in the UK. Created with love, designed to last.

Founder, The Lounging Hound


The Lounging Hound began at a kitchen table observed by our curious rescue greyhounds Katie and Swift. Once home, Katie and Swift would only ever sleep on the sofas. After working our way through a multitude of messy throws and blankets, we knew there was a serious problem to be solved. In response, we created our original Sofa Topper to protect our sofas whilst allowing our four-legged companions to relax in comfort. The Lounging Hound was borne, along with our aim to create a range of products that are practical, sustainable and always stylish.


To offer our customers a compact range of high quality, thoughtfully designed, purposeful products. Combining the practicality demanded by pets, with beautiful, sustainable fabrics. Drawing inspiration from the colours and textures of our beautiful countryside and changing seasons. We create products that dogs love to use and owners love to have in their homes. Everything is made in the UK and designed to be loved and to last.




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Our Values


We are committed to reducing the impact our manufacturing has on the environment. We work with sustainable fabric suppliers and manufacture on a ‘just in time’ basis so we only ever produce what we need, reducing our energy use and eliminating waste.


We use natural fibres in our products including pure and recycled wools, recycled cotton, linen and viscose. Our pure wools are milled in the UK and Ireland and our recycled wools in Italy, using quality wool fabrics that could otherwise end up in landfill.


We want you to know who we are, the world we want to live in and our aspirations for the future. We publish reviews in full and our Happy Hounds gallery is filled with real customer photos. We consider our customers part of The Lounging Hound family.


We are passionate about our photography and are proud to work with professional pet photographer, Kerry Jordan of Fur and Fables. Kerry brings our designs to life with her gorgeous imagery and ensures that our products look the same on our website as they do when you unpack them in your home.


Our products go through a rigorous testing process led by our two chief rescue greyhounds Katie and Swift, and our young upstarts Stanley the wheaten terrier and Tilly, Lucy and Lottie the working cocker spaniels. Between them, they ensure each product is thoroughly tested for every kind of owner.


All our products are designed and made in the UK. We believe strongly in the benefits of supporting UK manufacturing, bringing employment opportunities to our skilled workers and ensuring our traditions and heritage are preserved. By paying a higher price to manufacture our products here in the UK, we ensure that our skilled communities can be paid a fair living wage for a fair days work.


We believe in offering high-quality products at prices that represent exceptional value for money. Our products are thoughtfully designed, from beautiful materials and made to be loved and to last. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, attention to detail and customer service. We promise that the investment our customers make in our products will always be worth it.

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